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Hello my name is Alvin and I belive in God.

We shall all be christians and believe Jesus Christ and his Father God.

My body, my soul!

We living our lives here in one true life with eachother and we shall trust the Lord Sebaot and doing what is righteousness.

Names of God's only son: Messiah, Jesus Christ, the son of man, Jesus, Christ, holy spirit, The prosecutor.

Names of the the Father: God, The Lord, Godess, Jehova, Father God.

Thier one name together: The Lord Sebaot, The Almighty, the executioner, the Holy One.

Amen The Lord Sebaot!


All you live for shall be the Lord Sebaot and to live blessed in the most lovley harmony with God you need to pray for armageddon.

Is an armageddon that shall come for all of us christians so we can enjoy our most religious belith to the Lord.

Is like the Heaven fall all over us living in a powerfull belith of Jesus Christ is the messiah.

Amen the Lord!


We live a life with our one true God and his only son, the son of man, that is holy, the Father is in the Son and over his head.

The holy bible let you read divine papers with sacred text,

about how the Bible begins with how Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and took upon themselves guilt and shame.

In the second testament, after the crucifixion Christ lived with his Father in heaven forever and ever.

God spoke sternly to Babylon and angels and death met. All this that happened here through the bible is holy.

To live in righteous and prayers to God with eachother makes us heal as christians which is holy.

Drink your sweetest blessing wine from holy Grail and share bread is also holy.

Remember all lovley words to God Messsiah.

Amen The Lord Sebaot!

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